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HM Silver Sauce Ladle of beaten design.

An interesting item of beaten silver - the ladle with pouring lip, the whole item in excellent condition. Hallmarks for Sheffield 1927 clearly visible on underside of handle. Overall length 125mm.

Code: 50102

45.00 GBP

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Superb quality Green Glass Scent Bottle

Cut glass body with deep cut decoration. The HM silver top with snap-closed catch completely intact and a firm seal - a very high quality scent bottle or perhaps a vinaigrette.

Code: 50107

95.00 GBP

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Travelling Inkwell.

Of traditional form, the rectangular box shape enclosing a glass ink bottle. The closure ensures a seal between the bottle neck and the cork preventing leakage. A push button closure and a secondary hinged hook to secure the lid for transit. The whole covered in grained green leather and in excellent condition.

Code: 50106

25.00 GBP

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Rare 12" Copper Hunting Horn c.1830 : Swaine & Co.

Not often seen at this size, this horn is in remarkably good condition for its age - almost 200 years old. Some dings, of course but blows very well with a deeper tone than more modern horns. Swaine & Co. became Swaine & Adeney in 1834 so the engraved maker's details confirm its vintage. A worthy addition to any horn collection.

Code: 50100

245.00 GBP

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Rare 8" Copper Hunting Horn c.1820 : Callow & Son, Park Lane

Not many Callow horns about these days, this example dating to approximately 1820 and with signs of use. Dings, of course but still rendering a deep tone when blown. The horn structure is sound with one slight split to the folded bell rim. A highly desirable horn, priced to reflect its condition.

Code: 50101


Rare pair of Whisky Water Noggins

ex Atheneum Club, these miniature carafe style water vessels specifically used for service with Whisky. In heavy, fine quality cut glass and showing little or no signs of wear, these items are rarely seen on the market. The price is for THE PAIR.

Code: 50104

85.00 GBP

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Continental Silver 2 piece Buckle

Often described as 'a nurses' buckle', this example in continental silver with elaborate relief decoration of tropical animals. In excellent condition and probably of around .800 silver.

Code: 50105

45.00 GBP

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Edwardian Leather Hunting Pouch for Sandwich Tin

From the heyday of foxhunting - pre WW1 - a good example of the traditional pattern purpose-made leather pouch for holding a pewter sandwich tin designed to be strapped to the saddle. Best quality leather work with stitching intact. A piece of Edwardian history.

Code: 50078

75.00 GBP

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Other Ranks' Fur Cap Grenade : Northumberland Fusiliers

An original example of the gilded metal grenade plate worn by other ranks on the full dress fur cap until 1914. In excellent condition with original reverse fittings intact.

Code: 50080

35.00 GBP

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Officers' Plaid Brooch : Q O Cameron Highlanders

Heavily cast, good quality silver plated plaid brooch of known pattern complete with fixing brooch pin to reverse. In excellent condition with minimal service wear.

Code: 50093

225.00 GBP

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